Tao movement

360 content and Design

Art Direction, Brand Identity, Web Design and Media content production. Those are my main responsibilities while collaborating with Tao Movement.

Tao Movement’s brief

A living portfolio that grows with the company.

Every channel is used to showcase its product and lifestyle, goals and beliefs. Among other activities, Javier (founder of Tao Movement) teaches workshops around London in collaboration with names such us Virgin Active, Blok London or Revive Yoga and I then help creating assets for their promotion like non-digital posters, physical training guides or social media assets.

Video + Photography

Showcase and promotion

From production to post-production across all channels. Sometimes also involve in pre-production. Always focusing on the goals, I create the content by request. Whether the need is informational or promotional, digital or analogue, there is always communication between the brand and myself prior to production.

Graphic Design:

Online and Offline

Both online and offline, Tao Movement requires sporadic designs for all their channels. From physical and digital flyers for Workshops and Retreats to training guidelines or Social Media static posts.

Web Design

Starting from scratch I designed and built TaoMovement’s website on Wix, creating the content and assets for it.

And now…

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