“We could…” and we’ve done it

McCafe mocks every other coffee ad by replicating it

Mocking a comptetitor is not new, Samsung has done it before, but mocking all of them… it is a great way to pull a few smiles while taking advantage of all the formats that actually worked for other brands before yours.

McDonall’s UK has used this technique for his last McCafe ad from Leo Burnett London.

This ad is a call against pretentiousness, McDonald’s say, a push for simplicity.

What is clear is that it’s wrapped in a fun narrative and I think it works well, however, I believe mocking competitors always puts your brand at risk of exposing your flaws and fears. Is that something McDonald’s is going to worry about? Surely not.

Make room: a new slogan for diversity

“Have you ever been in a room and haven’t seen anyone like you”

Uzo Aduba, Make room

Nextflix has dropped a new excellent campaign and it shouts diversity

Carmenmorago.com, Netflix, new ad, make room
Uzo Aduba in Make Room, Netflix’s last Ad.

“This is not a moment, this is a movement” said the young Caleb McLaughlin (a.k.a. Lucas, from Stranger Things) as the lead, and only voice, of the ad Netflix launched earlier this year.

Back then, Netflix promoted Black creators, actors and actresses. 47 to be exact, from those 20 productions within the streaming selection of the giant. A wonderful minute of well, and less, known faces with a beautiful photography and inspiring narration that precedes what today is a new message for diversity.

That’s right, because after their moving A good day in Hollywood, Netflix has launched a new campaign that aim to inspire by asking to “make room” for others.

By asking for inclusion and diversity, the creators of this new ad, Red & Co, are not restricting their request to breaking the boundaries within gender and race in the film industry, but they’re also asking to increase creativity, to open frontiers to new stories and ideas. “We wanted everyone to think more deeply about why diversity is good, beyond the obvious representation issues,” said one of the female founded Agency, Mira Kaddoura.

What a powerful way to inspire, and especially to quietly say: Hey, we’re the ones making room, why don’t you sign up

“This is not a moment, this is a movement”

Caleb McLaughlin in A Good Day for Hollywood
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