Premier Moda

Video Editing x Premier Moda

As a small and independent Creative Studio, Premier Moda (based in London) focused on developing long term entertainment ideas to then be produced.
During my time at Premier Moda I was responsible for producing engaging and exciting Teasers to be pitched and sold.

Editing and assembling raw materials into finished teasers: that was my main purpose while working with Premier Moda. I was provided with footage taken on set from other team members, as well as sound effects, dialogues and graphics all created in-house.

I worked mostly off-site, receiving a log from set and a relation of ideas and needs that I had to then keep in mind while editing, with the main priority of selling the product, which is why my editing had to be engaging and enthusiastic. I regularly kept contact with the marketing ream for this purpose which was exciting and allowed me to expand my interests.

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