Made by Stitched

360 Content and Production

Although I had started as a Video Intern I now work as a multimedia content creator and I’m also in charge of the production and coordination of external photo shoots for this young and innovative all-British start-up.

During my time at Stitched I have been able to produce a wide range of assets, being able to experiment across channels.


Presentation and Mockups


Fabrics and Sample packs

Hand-picked, high quality and eco-fabrics. 3 key elements that make Stitched special. Part of my job is showcasing these elements through stills and movement, emphasising in its curated (and free) sample pack.

Selecto, de calidad y eco. Son los tres elementos que hacen especial a Stitched. Parte de mi trabajo es plasmar lo mencionado en fotografía y elementos audiovisuales, enfatizando en su cuidado pack de muestras gratuitas _ su principal herramienta de conversión.

Social Media content design and production
Product inspiration

Going back to work(s)

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