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360 Content and Production


Although I started as a Video Intern, I was soon promoted to a multimedia content creator and Social Media Manager. Being also in charge of the production and coordination of external photo shoots for this young and innovative all-British start-up I coordinated all processes from brief to delivery.

During my time at Stitched I have been able to produce a wide range of assets, being able to experiment across channels.


Being video my preferable medium, I’ve always created its content from scratch. From a thought to publishing I’ve been responsible for the creation of numerous assets for their website and Social Media.

Presentation and Mockups

To be a StartUp means being always ready for growth, being always ready for presentations and demonstrations. I created this ‘Augmented Reality x Stitched” video created from scratch and animated in After Effects (above) to support one of the presentations for future investors demonstrating the idea of an AR app for a near future.

I’ve also worked creating content for e-mail marketing campaigns adjusting the assets to this medium, mainly working with photography and GIFS (from self-shot videos).

Photography + Moving assets

Fabrics and Sample packs

Hand-picked, high quality and eco-fabrics. 3 key elements that make Stitched special. Part of my job is showcasing these elements through stills and movement, emphasising in its curated (and free) sample pack.

Social Media content design and production
Product inspiration

Going back to work(s)

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