Social Media and Content Creation

Frida Estética y Uñas it’s a beauty salon stablished in Guadarrama, Madrid.
I have been collaborating remotely with this young all-women company since the early beginning of 2019, helping Luz and Azahara with their digital needs. My main responsibilities include the creation of assets for their website and Social Media channels as well as the panning of their calendars.

Video and Photography

Video editing for Social Media and Web

The brief

The first brief was basically improving the brand identity across channels, working primarily in the re-design of their website (WordPress) to then be moving along other channels. The main goal was to create a recurrent aesthetic visible within their channels. Then, to increase its following.
The growth has been successful and the conversions notable.

The tools

Product photography and video content showcasing treatments and people, that is mainly the goal when it comes to Social Media needs.
Since I work remotely I visit Frida once a month taking enough photographs and footage to be able to work during the month. We are still working on engagement and following, but the results are quite remarkable. The confidence they’d put in me in since day one has been the most useful tool I can count on.

What now?
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