I designed the menu and seating planners for a very special wedding earlier this year. The brief was using photography from the bride and myself to create the designs for the table place cards. The theme for the seating planner was palmtrees. In constant communication with both the Bride and the Groom I created these designs, later photographed (above) by Irina, from bodasyouandme.


This project combined theory around New Media and Communications, and practice based on Image Making and Web Design all contained in a story made of comedy and critique. For its exhibition I created the entire identity and designed multimedia content for its website and promotion.

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‘An identity of her own’ was one of the projects exhibited during the degree show at Goldsmiths University ( July-2017).

Vanity, the smart assistant, was the main character of this project.
The concept of Vanity was a device programmed to work for (in reality against) women in their relationship with Social Media. Using Artificial Intelligence Vanity provided women with assistance in their journey to “self-optimisation”.

In a parodistic narrative, I explored image and representation in their relationship with new technologies and actual forms of communication. My focus with ‘An Identity of her own’ was pointing and criticising the problematics around stereotypes, gender and identity, all specially palpable within the Social Networking Sites environment.

Minimal Illustrations

Minimal Illustration was a web-design project for an e-commerce site that combined multiple artists selling digital art prints.

An e-commerce site selling mixed media prints

Digital Prints

Using mixed media techniques and experimenting with screen-print techniques I came up with a series of prints I called ‘Nobody’.

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