Swiss army woman or a hat wearer.
Either way: multidisciplinary.

Born in Madrid, 1986, I come from a family where everyone has been involved in Art since I can remember. From my grandfather to my brother, Moragos have been Painters, Sculptors and Photographers. As for me, I have grown up among oil strokes and celluloid developing a passion for colour, textures and representation, something that I combine today with my interests in communication and identity within Design.

Sleepwalking on secondary roads and crossed paths I tasted Pedagogy for a year before falling in Complutense University of Madrid, where I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Journalism in 2010. During those years I found the strength and time to work as a reporter for ”Europa Press” news agency, as an editor for ”Academia de las Ciencias y las Artes de Television” newsletter and website, and for an internship as an assistant producer for ”El Hormiguero”, one of the most famous TV shows in Spain.

But enough about the past:

Every one of those past experiences have contributed to create a multidisciplinary background that today makes me who I am.
My interests, skills and flaws have brought me here where I continue developing my career in Media + Design after my graduation in the MA in Digital Media (Image Making) at Goldsmiths University of London.
Bringing skills and opportunities from my past in production and journalism, I have developed a career in London within Media and Design, complementing the disciplines I developed in the past to promote a new future for myself.

During the past years I have been learning and developing my own self while working in tech StartUps, learning to communicate my ideas in aesthetic yet productive ways. Being creative + organised has never been more gratifying.

I love what I do, that is why I never stop learning and seeking new opportunities to improve, that’s why I wear multiple hats. Everything makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Carmen Morago.

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