Clean, sustainable and smart.

That is a great packaging, @Oatly


I have been drinking this oats drink for over a year now and, honestly, the very first time I went for it attracted by its packaging. I knew I did not like Soya Milk and I new I wanted to reduce mi animal product consumption. From all the choices this one captured my attention.
As a designer I do love its packaging, as a customer I am really pleased with its content. It is the best I have tried so far, specially compared to other brands that presume to be as healthy and they hide numerous unhealthy components.

That is why I believe this is an smart packaging (developed by Forsman & Bodenfors), because from its colours, intelligently chosen, the inspire raw materials, nature and trust. Whether you read the ingredients or you don’t, you have a first sense of pureness.

But the greatest part is that, once you try Oatly, the packaging makes even more sense.

Clean, fun, and smart, very smart.

References: The Dieline. September 24, 2014

AgencyForsman & Bodenfors

Art Director: Lars Elfman.

Copywriter: Martin Ringqvist, John Schoolcraft.

Graphic Designer: Christoffer Persson.

Client: Toni Petersson.

Country: Sweden

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