Samsung against iPhone’s flaws

Clearly mocking Apple’s iPhone X, Samsung have released their last ad and everyone is talking about it.

In its new campaign the huge corporation suggests a clear win for their own.

We are talking about a minute of vintage fun. Every iPhone user will be able to relate and have a little bit of fun watching the troubles of this main character on his adventure with iPhone. However, by the end of the movie differences might appear.
Personally, I am an iPhone user and, although I can see what Samsung is trying to point out, I do not agree entirely. Also, funnily enough, there is no mention to any battery explosions.

What it is obvious here is that Samsung is asking you to change sides and convince you that their product is better. But, making fun of your competitors and pointing out their flaws forgetting your own mistakes as a marketing campaign, is it the right move?

Take it or leave it, but the ad is fun, and the retro aesthetics work.

I am wondering what Google has to say about this. .

** Note: The video was deleted. Updated video below**

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